Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A reflection on abortion

Suppose there were a young teenager who found herself pregnant. She was a good kid who didn't deserve it--she'd been as careful as could be expected, but now she was faced with the prospect of having this baby. Her support system wasn't the best. Her fiance said that he'd leave her; he claimed the baby couldn't be his. Her parents were real conservative; they wouldn't want a bastard in the family. She didn't know what, if any, support she could expect from them. She might just have to have this baby alone in whatever place she could find shelter. She had little education and no job skills. Shouldn't girls like her--children, really--have access to an abortion? Why should she have to ruin her life over something that, by all rights, never should have happened to her?

Suppose her name was Mary, and this happened about 2000 years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very true, hope more people think this way

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