Monday, September 14, 2009

More on my brilliant daughter, if you're not tired of that

On Friday, Firstborn suddenly became very helpful. When I sorted magic cards, she brought me more from another part of the room. When I loaded the dishwasher, she brought me clean tops from the tupperware cupboard. Since then, she's also carried objects to people to help us pick up. She has previously helped get out-of-reach laundry for Mommy, and started handing me ducks when we pick up at the end of bath time.

Her implementation often leaves something to be desired, but her heart's in the right place, so I definitely tell her that she's a good girl and so helpful.

Her new favorite word is sit (sis or sszss). She gets a book (or several), brings it over, backs up to me on the couch and says "sit, sit, sit." She loves having mommy read to her. She also likes to sit on pillows, in chairs, in boxes or baskets, and in baby carriers/car seats (belonging to babies or to dolls).

I still don't think she realizes that she's about to get a brother, though, no matter how much we've told her. But she does like to carry and feed and kiss her dolls--and shake them.

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