Tuesday, September 01, 2009

She speaks

Firstborn now has many words. She has said:
cat/kitty, momma, daddy, ball, mmm, please, stick, duck, down, cup, Blankie, doll, foot, wigglytoes, diaper, smart, good job, no, bye-bye, book, car, vroom, her name, tweet-tweet, turkey, an animal sound (growling--between a bear and a duck; made by all animals, in her opinion), banana, bread, fan
She may be saying other things I haven't caught on to yet as well--right now most of her words start with a d, and the number of syllables does not always correspond to the length of the word. All of these are words I am fairly sure she has both said and comprehended. And there's probably more I'm forgetting.

She also definitely understands, though she has not to my knowledge said:
clap, hair, ear, nose, mouth, tummy, belly button, nap, up, chair, seat, grandma, grandpa, shoe(s), head, hand, cracker, cookie, yummy, medicine, tub, in, not, don't, bird, frog, spoon, fork, dancing, dog, bear, bottle, brush

We still have a ways to go before real, two-way communication. I really am going much more by context than sound in interpreting her words. So if she is pointing at her cup saying "dup, dup" I know what she is talking about. If she is watching "King George and the Ducky" and pointing at the screen saying "dut, dut" I know what she's talking about. But if she's not pointing or carrying the object she's talking about, I rarely have a clue. Sometimes her understanding impresses me--like associating a picture of a cat and a real cat, or when I told her that a freestanding fan was a fan and she went and pointed at a ceiling fan instead. She tries to put on clothes and shoes, and she feeds a bottle to a doll on occasion. So there are a lot of things she understands--but what she is thinking is often still a mystery. Real conversation is a way off. It's less common than it used to be, but she'll still point at something and call it "dah" and I'll still not even know what she's talking about sometimes.

She's also really adorable. Complete strangers randomly come up to me and say how beautiful she is.

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