Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stand and Be Counted

I did not manage to get around to a pro-life post on the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade--for that you would have had to go to the Common Room, Buried Treasure, Biblical Womanhood, Generations for Life, or MommyLife (among others, of course).

However, last night I was able to start up a website for a ministry that has been stewing in my head for some time. (Please note that the extension is .us, not .com. .info will also work.) I am hoping that anyone who reads this and is interested in ending abortion and honoring the lives of its victims will consider participating.

The page looks kind of rough right now, because I am not a graphic designer. If you happen to be a graphic designer, or web designer, or anything, please contact me at my email address (yaelcw -at- g(m)ail dot (c)(o)(m)) or _standandbecountedus_at_gmaildotcom_.

If you think that this is a worthwhile idea, please help get the word out.


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