Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well overdue for an update

I'm really bad at updating my blog on a regular basis....

So I have a beautiful baby boy, Peter Sidney III, who not only has his daddy's name, but was also born on his daddy's birthday, 27 years later.

He had kind of a rough start--he would not breastfeed, had jaundice, was on the bottle, went back to the breast, was not gaining at all on the breast, went back to the bottle and refused to breastfeed at all, did not reach his birthweight until 3 weeks, but then was almost caught up to where he should be at one month (nine pounds!), had a mild tongue-tie divided....

Third is six weeks old today, is occasionally doing some nursing (15 minutes this morning--the most he's done in three weeks or so), and we are all (Daddy, Firstborn, Third, and I) recovering from a nasty 24-hour bug... at least, we hope he's recovering. We worry about him quite a bit with all he's been through.

I could tell my body was getting ready for the birth the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it was three weeks before he came. I was in active labor that stalled out at least 4 or 5 times, sometimes for hours.... We went to the hospital a couple times before I said I was going to just wait three hours and if I hadn't had the baby, figure it wasn't the real thing. But when it did happen, my water broke, and one hour fifteen minutes after that, he was born. Would have been quicker if the hospital people hadn't been trying to take vitals and stick me with an IV and such. We were just 46 minutes into Daddy's birthday, so we figure that's what he was waiting for :) On an interesting side note, Firstborn was born on Daddy's work anniversary, we realized recently. Maybe the next little one will have a special birthday too?

I have been pumping, and that's about half of what baby is eating, but with pumping, feeding, eating, and working a little on potty training big sister as well, it's hard to get everything done... with breastfeeding, skin-to-skin, pumping, and feeding are all one activity at the same time, and no cleanup is needed. So it's been a challenge to find time for it all--especially skin-to-skin, because that's the lowest priority. I need to work on that.

Firstborn loves her brother although she also would like more attention--she is always wanting someone to read her books. I give her as much attention as I can.

It is amazing how much she is growing--she is sensitive to others' emotions (some of her favorite words are happy, sleepy, and crying). She can say "Babylon Five." (We really don't watch that much TV...) She is working on potty training--don't know if she gets it yet. She's putting words together all the time--baby cup, baby shirt, baby crying, baby sleepy, daddy sleepy, baby sleeping daddy....

I am very blessed.

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Congrats and how cool about the birthdate!

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