Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Proceeding with the adoption

We are proceeding with our adoption! We resubmitted our application, I presume with all the necessary information this time....

My other blog is probably going to be where I put most of the information on our adoption process... as well as pictures of other adoptable kids who have touched my heart when there's no adoption progress. This blog still kind of doesn't know what it's for :)

Hannah very much wants a big sister. She wants us to be the family of the little girl we are going to adopt. I have been careful to say that we hope this girl will be in our family, not that she will be... we have already had the experience where we thought we would adopt a little boy, and it turned out another family in-country adopted him. I have reminded Hannah about this and told her that the little girl is not her sister yet, we just hope she will be. I am hoping everything works out though!

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