Friday, December 05, 2008

Life: I like it

I have a beautiful, six-month old girl named Hannah Jane.

I have a wonderful, loving, overindulgent husband.
(What's that? You can't breastfeed in the computer room and you want me to hook your computer up to the big screen TV so you can play video games on the couch? I thought you'd never ask!)

There are actually people with big families in my church! Praise God!

I discovered that if I walk in a different direction, I actually have neighbors! There goes that excuse for not engaging my community... Sometimes I walk with a woman who has a daughter barely older than my own. She recently asked what church I attend; she goes to one quite a distance away and is considering switching to one closer. She's at least ten years older than I am.

I have a new niece (my brother-in-law's third child). So Firstborn has a girl cousin six months older and one six months younger. My husband thinks that's great too.

I've been feeling really awful. I'm sure I'm pregnant. Even surer than last month. Much surer than the month before that.

Today's sign of pregnancy: waking up early for no good reason.


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