Saturday, December 13, 2008

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I haven't talked much about my daughter. She is wonderful, beautiful, adorable, brilliant, smiley, etc. All the wonderful things everyone thinks about their children. She likes to feel new textures, steal glasses, be held about 15 hours a day, and eat. Occasionally, she gets an exciting opportunity to bang a hard toy on a flat surface. She also enjoys large tags, wiimotes, keyboards, cats, and pureed carrots or sweet potatoes.

A guest blog from Firstborn:

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About "Today's sign of pregnancy":
This is mostly a joke. Before I was pregnant with Hannah, I was always looking for signs of pregnancy. Practically anything can be a sign of pregnancy, so you could always find one (fatigue if nothing else). So it is meant to be tongue in cheek, especially as I don't know I am. It is a way of poking fun at my eagerness and optimism in this area, really.

Some good blogs to check out today:
Making Home on stay-at-home-mommying
Generation Cedar on socialization (I may blog more on this topic myself).

Today's sign of pregnancy: change in breastmilk



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