Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leaps and bounds

My little girl is growing up so fast--learning tons of new words and actions.

Yesterday she started making up her own songs, singing, and "dancing" (spinning around in a circle). Lyrics frequently include references to "Hannah song" "baby," and "strawberry."

Beginning to wonder if potty training is worth it... she realizes half the time where she needs to pee and never with poop until some's on the floor, it seems. On the upside, it saves on diapers; however, cleaning up is not fun, even though there's not much carpet in our main area.

Third is so smiley and plump and long. He turned 3 months on Thursday, and I have put away his 0-3 month clothes now (which really have been too short for him a while now). He filled out a new 6 month sleeper quite nicely today.

Daddy is currently town moderator (meaning he moderates town meetings). He was appointed to fill a vacancy when the previous moderator became a selectman, and had wanted the job for years before that (but had not wanted to run against the previous officeholder). He has to run for election now, and is up against two opponents. He's the best man for the job, even if he is the youngest moderator in the state--no one can remember and follow the rules like my husband :)

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