Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick update

So much is going on with my little girl!

She's working on transitioning to her "big girl bed." She took a good nap in it yesterday but today wouldn't settle down, so she's napping in her crib right now. Peter's hammock is fine for the moment, but it would probably be good to have some space before her crib became his. I know she understands, it's just a matter of her staying in bed long enough to sleep.

She seems interested in the potty again. Yes, three weeks ago I said she wasn't ready for it. She wasn't. That was three weeks ago. Now she is sitting still longer and is even showing signs of knowing when she needs to pee and going to the potty--I think. I hope. So I will probably be bringing the potty down again and having some no-pants time.

Today she was playing with her letters and was able to identify two of them! She (inconsistently) knew H (the first letter of her name) and I (because lots of times it sounds like that's what she's saying, so we point it out to her.

She was also playing with a large, purple, foam six-sided die. She has been improving in her concept of numbers. She obviously recognizes when I am counting. When she is "counting" she uses the gesture I use when counting in her books--pointing with the index finger. She started doing this when we count while she's on the potty (to teach her to sit there long enough to do anything (or get a snack)). But we don't make that gesture then--we count on our fingers, which is clearly different. So she understands those are the same sort of thing. She made another breakthrough as we were playing with her d6. She would roll it, and I would say the number and count the pips. Previously she would say "two" (dih), "five" (foff), and "nine" (nye), and occasionally copy a number someone else was saying. (Her counting generally goes, "two, two, two, two" (etc) or sometimes "nine, nine, nine, nine....") She happened to roll a one. "One!" I exclaimed. I touched the pip and said "one." Firstborn touched the pip and said two. From then on she touched the pips as she counted! Next she rolled a two. She touched each pip. "Two, two." And stopped. I told her it was a great job. Also, she copied me when I said the numbers three and four. She started calling out the numbers as she rolled them--usually three, but once nine. I think she's close to actually counting. I know she gets the concept of two, because if she gets food for me from her table, she'll get me one thing, but once she wanted to give food to me and to Third, so she got two things. Now to put all of that together....

I am so lucky that I get to be her mom. Even if she does spill my drink on the floor whenever she gets a chance (any advice? Please?)

The doctor thinks Third is advanced for his age--he watches and recognizes people, he tracks, he has rolled over, and he sometimes likes tummy time. He has a lot of awake time, always alert when he's not eating. He is nine weeks old, but most who see him guess 3 months. Who would have thought he started out losing weight, refusing to eat, and sleeping too much! He is so sweet and laid back.

At this rate, I don't have to homeschool Hannah. I figure if she's always above where she "should be" according to public school guidelines, there's no need to formally teach her things. And at this rate she will have mastered her kindergarten skills by two and a half. Unschooling, here I come!

By the way, it turns out whenever I feel overwhelmed, I'm getting sick and don't realize it yet. I'll have to remember that for future reference.

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