Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New things

My doctor's visit went fine. I hadn't felt depression for most of the intervening time, though, so I think it was just a cycle thing. So I just got a physical, which included a tetanus shot.

Basically the only other thing that might be a problem is the abdominal pain I got when I may have ovulated last month. I'd never had ovulatory pain before, and it wasn't what I would have expected it to be like. So if I have it again, they might want me to get an ultrasound (ew).

Some new things that Firstborn is doing:
She shared today. She wanted to give me a postcard she was playing with. And then I gave it back, and she shared it again. Great fun, it appears. So I traded her for an envelope. She was uninterested at first. Then she picked it up and waved it around, saying, "Dada, Dada."

So we wrote a letter for Dada. She really is not to the point of wanting to write on paper, even when shown how it is done. (I am not suprprised or dismayed by this, just noting it.) And I addressed the (used, wrinkled) envelope to Dada. We went to the mailbox. She tried to pull off her hat when I put it on her, which she had not done before. (No, really. I have a nine-month-old who doesn't mind wearing things
on her head.)

Just a few minutes ago, I saw her move forward on her tummy to get a toy out of reach. Certainly the first time she's purposely moved forward that much.

The other new thing: she can bite. Hope we can nip that in the bud (so to speak).

Daddy claims he heard her say "kitty" when the cat ran in front of her. I'm unconvinced. She's also called her shoe kitty. And her father. All reports of new activity don't count until Mommy sees them.

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