Monday, February 09, 2009

Time for another update

Well, since I last posted, the carbon monoxide detectors went off, the car died, I attended my first Magic: the Gathering tournament since Firstborn was born, Firstborn started taking breastmilk from a cup, I had an actual real-life conversation with someone who has more than four kids at my church, the youngest of whom is a little younger than mine....

Life is good. God is great.

Firstborn is still rolling and rotating but not crawling. She can get to all fours, but then goes backwards. She ends up backed into corners.

Our attempt to do a major, all-day event with Firstborn in tow went about as well as could be expected. I don't remember my final scores (I played two flights, Husband judged) but I had fun and Firstborn didn't suffer too much--though she didn't always get fed on time. She spent some time in her playpen (which we barely use at home) and some time walking with Daddy. Quote for the day: "Judge! The baby needs more puffs." It made me feel a little better about things in general. I really can do things still, when it's worth it.

I think I finally got a real period (I'd had fake ones for a couple months). Perhaps some of my depression-type stuff came from that, and I'm not really slipping back into how it was before. I feel optimistic about this cycle. I'm really thinking this might be it--and feeling optimistic at the beginning is unusual for me. But I also think saying anything jinxes me.

Firstborn's been a little fussier lately, probably teething I think. Hard to tell though. I think she's been teething over 5 months, but no teeth yet.

She absolutely loves rolling around on the floor now, and she's napping again more days than not. It is so nice not to have to hold her all the time. Not that I don't love holding her--sometimes now I pick her up when she's not demanding it though.

She has a beautiful smile that makes everything better, anytime. I can't see her sweet smile and be unhappy.



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