Thursday, January 22, 2009

Firstborn's words

Since I posted about Firstborn not doing "real" babbling, she spent most of yesterday evening saying dada and this morning made a sound starting with k when she saw kitty for the second time. (Last time it was "kee" and this time it was k'gha or something). I really wasn't worried, but now she's doing great. She is also starting to get into fingerfoods (though still not big on being spoonfed anything with chunks). She's been sitting in the high chair while we eat dinner at the table. Two days ago she got a frozen sweet potato French fry, a cooked one, and a piece of rice cake. She highly enjoyed mangling her French fries and even ate some of them. Last night she had six peas and a piece of rice cake. Much to my surprise, she ate most of her rice cake and at least two peas (though she hasn't liked pureed peas and hadn't eaten her rice cake previously). Since the rashes have been toning down now that I'm using All instead of store brand detergent, I'm pretty sure that was the cause of the worst of it.

The odd thing--which I noticed and no one else would have if I hadn't pointed it out--is that she seems to lose 5-10 weight percentile points on their computerized growth chart each time. When I told the nurse, she said that since Firstborn looks fine the chart must be wrong (huh?). When I told the doctor, she said something to the effect that as long as she was staying in the same curve the percentile didn't matter. But when she looked at the chart, she started from today and went back: 19th, 26th, 33rd, 42nd.... and she did say it seemed odd. She mostly attributes it to increased mobility and decreased breastmilk, but that only explains this month. Again, I'm not real worried; she is gaining, eating, and has rolls on her arms and legs (but not a fat tummy or face). But we are going back in a month for a weigh-in, just to keep an eye on it. My personal theory is that her birthweight has to do more with my genetics, but her size as she gets older has to do with her own genetics--so if she is small she may be like her daddy, who is smaller than his younger brother in all their pictures after 3 years old (but you wouldn't know it now). Her height fluctuates between 60 and 40, probably depending on when she hits growth spurts.

I have an appointment for me scheduled next month too. They might even prescribe something beforehand. They said it was fine to be on them while breastfeeding. I asked if it would be okay for the baby if I conceived, but then also said they'd take me off it if I did. Hmm. I will talk more with either my doctor or my pharmacist before I take it, and I won't take it if it might harm my children. I still think pregnancy is the best cure, and if I had more confidence I could get pregnant I probably wouldn't bother with medications.

Milehimama--I am one of those people who doesn't really trust modern medicine, but doesn't really trust herbs either. But give me the information, and I will at least discuss it with the doctor, especially if the drugs they recommend aren't really safe.

Thanks all for commenting.

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