Monday, December 22, 2008


Last Friday we had possibly the worst ice storm ever in New England. It pretty much missed us.

This weekend we accumulated a respectable foot-and-a-half or so of snow. Having grown up in central New York state, I am unimpressed. Of course, where I lived, they knew how to handle snow. They had big plows, ditches designed to catch the plowed snow, and they never decided not to do anything and left a couple inches standing in the roads. Or at least, that's how I remember it.

This weekend I also made about 19 dozen cookies, and I'd like to get another kind or two done. I made about 15 dozen holiday chocolate chips (one bag of regular chips, one bag of swirled); 4 dozen holiday funfetti. Also did pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and pretzels drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter on Friday (although that turned out more of pretzels drizzled with chocolate and globbed with peanut butter). We decided to have individual bags rather than family containers this year, and I'll be making between 45 and 50 (we'll do this for all of my husband's mom's extended family, and probably also for his parents and brother's families. And a couple for some of my family.

Today I'm working on Christmas cards, which we bought from a store this year. Usually we get them free from my husband's work (he works for a custom printing company), but this year they won't be getting that due to economy stuff, and also have a forced vacation between Christmas and New Year's Day (their slowest time of the year). My husband could work then anyway--he is a website guy, not in production--but wanted it off anyway. I've sorted out (on my list) those that can be hand-delivered to save on postage.

So it's pretty busy, but I feel like it's under control, which is kind of surprising for our first Christmas with Firstborn (on the outside, anyway). No more presents to buy, though a couple still need wrapping. And I need to sort them.

Today's sign of pregnancy: Well, none, but it's early yet....



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