Thursday, March 26, 2009

And the results are in....

Yeah. Not pregnant again.

Guess there's always next month....

At least the medical professionals were very accomodating, so I can go get my arm stuck with a needle any time I want, and if I do get pregnant, I will be prescribed progesterone if my numbers are low.

My mom came over yesterday to play with the baby. I think she may be teething--she was fussy and less hungry than usual, and today her cheek seems swollen....

So since Firstborn did not require my constant attention, I managed to get a lot done:

I cleaned the guinea pig cage and litterbox.
I cleaned all three end tables.
I cleaned out and stashed three or four boxes that had previously occupied the middle of my kitchen.
I made homemade applesauce.

The only thing I intended to finish and did not was cleaning Firstborn's room. That's especially tricky because I can't do it during nap time.

There are now more clean areas than unclean in our main living/dining/kitchen room downstairs.

Clean and/or cleaned up daily:
2 couches
4 end tables

Still a mess:
coffee table
kitchen shelves
kitchen table
magazine rack

Getting this one room done will be a huge accomplishment. It is where Firstborn and I spend the majority of our time, and M'Love spends the most time with us (though he's in the computer room when he has to work).

Perhaps when I prayed for God to help me be less lazy, it worked? At any rate, I am thrilled with the progress, and M'Love appreciates it too. The problem is, we end up getting to bed late because I end up doing housework after I put Firstborn to bed. I need to get more done earlier, I guess.

After stuff is clean, in addition to keeping things picked up, I need to work out a schedule for actual cleaning, in which (hopefully) I only have to do one major task a day, maybe two.

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