Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Baby, the Testing, and the Productivity

Firstborn isn't feeling well today. She was up all night, off and on; she has a really awful diaper rash; she has a temperature; she has a runny nose; she's had some gas; and I think she is teething too. Poor babygirl. I was sick and husband was sick, as well, last week, so hopefully she doesn't have that. And hopefully she isn't reacting poorly to the metformin I'm taking... but the pattern doesn't quite match that.

But I called up the doctor's office, and they just said to change her diaper often and let them know if it gets worse. She's napping now, at last, so hopefully she will get a bit of rest before we have to go, but not sleep so long I have to postpone leaving, or wake her up.

I'm going to get bloodwork soon.

I have several signs this time:
Faintness/dizziness/seeing black whenever I stand up (which I know my SIL had when she was simultaneously pregnant and breastfeeding)
More, um, stuff than I would normally expect at this point in my cycle
I have a temperature of 99 degrees--extremely unusual for me--and I have been feeling warmer subjectively as well.

So I am (of course) hoping that this is for real. I will find out tomorrow.

I've been playing with pictures and sending them out to family, and albuming some. So that is good. I framed a princess picture in a frame that says little princess.

This means that my kitchen table is almost clear (yay!) and the coffee table has improved too (yay again!). I am doing laundry and hope to clean the guinea pig cage while Firstborn sleeps (first nap since Saturday).

God bless y'all.

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