Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 16

I finally got my second set of hcg levels back. They're supposed to double every 48 hours or so... well, they just-over-tripled in a little under 48. Aside from assorted very rare scary awful things, this could mean that I am gestating more than one baby. At very least, it's a very good sign that I will remain pregnant for the next 8 months or so. I called M'Love to tell him. He is not as joyous about it as I am... he knows I get my hopes up too easily :)

They also told me to get another hcg level this week (hmmm... why would they do that unless... oh, yeah, because my numbers are still "low" unless, oh, maybe I really did ovulate when I say I did? Yes, they seem to think I might just be either stupid or a pathological liar. Next time maybe I will just lie about my LMP date.) Anyway, my father-in-law told me today was good so I got to go feed the vampires again. Will find those results out tomorrow.

As we left, a car turned down my street. (You must understand that where I live, more planes fly over my house than cars drive by it. I live on an old dirt road a few miles from a small airport). So we stopped to say hi, and it was my future neighbors. (They bought land across from us before Firstborn was born, and it must have been almost a year since I saw them.) Anyway, as we left after chatting about their plans to someday build a house across from mine, she commented (Dad had told her I was pregnant): "By the time we move in, you'll have 3 kids!"


A girl can dream, can't she?

Firstborn was asleep when I got home, and stayed asleep as I removed her from the carseat, and woke up only twice and briefly on her way upstairs to bed. Still napping. She had a big brunch: cheerios, sirloin tips, pork roast, butternut squash, French toast, and peach yogurt. She kept finishing stuff, so I kept giving her more :)

I still have to clean back up after a busy weekend--the less we're home, the more there is to do. I did clear the coffee table Saturday, so all that's left in the living room/kitchen area is the shelves and the magazine rack. (Well, and a whole bunch of stuff you can't see, but I'm going to get the visible stuff first).

Saturday I also made brownies with Easter candy-decal-hardened-frosting-things (courtesy of the discount rack last Easter) and two kinds of chocolate chip cookies (big peanut butter chips and mint/chocolate swirl chips with walnuts). We brought them to share on Easter. I actually did end up eating a tiny bit of cookie dough and crumbs yesterday, and today after I packed them up to send to work with M'Love, I ate the leftover brownie crumbles. I guess I am paying for that with more sugar cravings, but I broke open some diet cream soda to combat them.

Anyway, all is well. And I should probably stop putting off my housework now. Or maybe go check message boards.

And, oh yeah:

HE IS RISEN! Praise God.

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