Friday, April 10, 2009

The latest test results

So none of my loyal following have asked how my test results were?

Okay, fine, I'll tell you anyway.

I'm 13 days pregnant. And I couldn't be more thrilled. I would really appreciate prayers for the baby, still, but I'm not worried at all. There are so many things that are different--I'm having no sugar and very little carbs, I'm on metformin and progesterone (my progesterone is at 8.8 and should be 10, but I'm hoping that's not too bad). So there are 4 different things that might help this time and weren't a factor the other times (including for Hannah, who is of course perfectly fine). I have told Firstborn, of course, but seeing as her receptive vocabulary includes only kitty, daddy, mommy, Hannah, no, nose, and tummy--and I'm not so sure about those last 6--I'm pretty sure it's not real clear to her. But M'Love and I are thrilled.

This is, by my estimation, my 11th (or maybe 9th?) pregnancy. I don't know; I wish I did.

This is my third pregnancy that has been confirmed, and the second confirmed by the medical establishment.

I'm glad I'm not worried, because it wouldn't help anything. I am enjoying it right now. I'm hoping it lasts about eight more months, but if it doesn't, I don't want to spend the intervening time afraid and worried.

I need to figure out what I need to be eating and how to get Firstborn to consistently drink from a cup. She'll do it for a while, then lose interest for a week or so, it seems like. I don't really want to wean her, but I know it's likely to happen during pregnancy anyway. There was already a time when she seemed uninterested in nursing for a while. So I would like her to be able to drink when that time comes.

Today's signs of pregnancy: Hungrier and peeing more.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Believe it or not, I've left a window open to your blog

I sat down to comment, and thought to myself: what if she's posted results?

I couldn't be happier for you! :) Praise the Lord!!!! I hope you have a healthy and happy 8mo ahead of you!


2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats! prayers for a happy & healthy 9 months!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Young Christian Woman said...

Thanks Ashley and Anonymous! I certainly hope this will last nine months.

6:01 PM  
Blogger Purple Envelope Project said...

YAY! I was going to ask, but I figured you would tell us when you knew anything. Congratulations!! I'll defintely be praying for you and the little one.


9:57 AM  
Blogger Young Christian Woman said...

Thanks Lauren!

12:30 PM  

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