Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seven months pregnant

My son is now less than two months from being born. He is fully formed and would probably be okay if he were born today (though that's not what I want and would not be best for him).

He already is developing a personality--he seems more active and more stubborn than his big sister. He has definite opinions about the positions he prefers. He is kicking me very regularly as I type this--the only thing Firstborn ever did regularly was hiccup, and this is a lot more random than that. Come to think of it, I don't know if my son has even had the hiccups.

He probably weighs 3 or 4 pounds now. He probably looks like you would expect a newborn to look, only smaller and skinnier.

And it would be completely legal for me to have him killed.

There's no reason for that. It would be no more harmful to me--probably less--to simply give birth to him at this point. An injection could give his lungs a better chance, and he would likely live a full and productive life, though he might face temporary setbacks or possibly permanent difficulties due to his prematurity. If I decided I no longer wanted my son (and I do want him so much!), there would be plenty of families willing to love him and raise him as their own, even if he did face challenges due to being born early.

There is no reason for abortion to be legal after viability. It's not about bodily sovereignty. It's not about choosing whether to be pregnant. It's about choosing whether a child may live or die.

Late abortions are about killing babies.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be taken to imply that I support women making the decision to give birth early because they do not want their children or do not want to be pregnant anymore. Nothing in this post should be taken to indicate that I think a woman's right to do what she likes with her body should trump a child's right to life at any stage of pregnancy.

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Friday, October 02, 2009


Firstborn said her first confirmed "sentence" this weekend. (This is the kind of sentence where the requirement is only that there are at least two different words, and they are related somehow). Her sentence was "Sit sit sit sit kitty." (This translates roughly as, "The kitty is under the chair.") Since then, she has said several more sentences, including "Duck quack quack," "Cat quack quack" (still working on those animal sounds I guess), and "Esther kitty" (our cat's name is Esther). She now seems to be frequently saying several different words in a row, though I often can't tell what most of them are.

Okay, I don't usually do poop, but I will share a story including poop, because... well, because.

So Daddy was changing the diaper and asked for help because it was poopy and green. This was due to a kiwi for breakfast. While I worked on the diaper, I told Firstborn that the diaper was green because of the kiwi. I asked her what color her poop would be if she ate chocolate. "Bah."
"That's right, chocolate is brown!" (I thought this was just a coincidence--it might be). "What color would your poop be if you at a banana?"
"Yl." I was speechless for a moment. I looked at Husband, who asked, "Was that yellow?"
"It sure sounded like it."
"What color would you poop be if you had blueberries?"
"ll." (pause) "ee." (Were those colors? I don't know.)

I also have heard reports of her matching colors, but I don't know if she did it on purpose. She hasn't done it since. I've talked about colors for over a year, and we've had a color book for several months, so it wouldn't surprise me if she was picking up something.

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