Thursday, August 26, 2010

Babywearing revisited

I've posted on babywearing before, here.

But two Sundays ago I found a Moby wrap on the Exchange Table at church... and so I picked it up and have been doing some babywearing with it over the past week.

Suddenly I understand how people do that, to some extent at least... my major issue--back pain--is not a problem, because the Moby distributes Baby's weight much better. It's a bit more natural, and isn't (quite) as stupid-looking to be wearing without the baby. It doesn't press on all the wrong places (though I could do without the knot at the small of my back; either it's not long enough or I'm not skinny enough to bring it around and tie it in the front.

Some things I've noticed:

Worn babies still fuss for no discernible reason. I'd thought that worn babies in aboriginal societies and such never cry, especially when not tired... well, it happens. Especially if the worn baby is bored.

Not all tasks can be done while wearing an eight month old. For instance, if one tries to wear an eight month old while emptying the dishwasher, he may take bowls away from you and threaten to lob them across the room. Didn't try cooking; smarter than that (after the dishes, anyway).

Given enough time, an eight-month-old can probably unwear himself. He can definitely get his arms out, and seeing as he's almost escaped a stroller once, I'm pretty sure falling asleep wearing him is unwise.

Wearing a baby in a moby is not painless--but the pain is more of an I-exercised pain than an I-did-something-horribly-unnatural-to-my-back pain.

I can actually feel my baby's body language--how cool is that? I can tell if he's tense or relaxing, where he's looking.... maybe if I did more babywearing I could even try some EC.

Do not attempt to catch a 2-year-old coming down a slide while front-wearing an eight-month-old.

All in all, I am very happy to have a Moby and wishing I'd gotten one in May of 2008. But that's a lot to spend after I'd tried quite a few 20-buck carriers and not liked any... I might start buying them for baby showers or something though


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Having fun together

It is so neat to be able to enjoy things together with Hannah. We've been taking walks and she's old enough to enjoy looking under rocks for critters--one of my favorite pastimes. Last Sunday she played a game with her aunt and uncle, her grandma, and I: pass the pigs. It's fun to be able to enjoy big people things with her.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi, Mommy!

"Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi, Mommy! Hi, Mommy! Hi!"

This is what Hannah says when I go out on the porch to use the grill. She waves at me from the other side of the door.

"Hi, Mommy! Hi!"

Melts my heart....

Is this what we are to God?

I am sure He is pleased when we display and seek understanding of the spiritual things that are important to Him. But He is also pleased when we seek to be close to Him and to communicate with Him. Not to seek what we want from Him, or even His favor... but just to say, "Hi, God! Hi! Hi Jesus! Hi Jesus! Hi! I love you!" It's more gratifying than "Hannah wants snack!" or the thinly disguised "Baby wants to watch Veggie Tales" that so many of our prayers sound like....

Hi, God. Hi! I love you. What are you doing? Can I help?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Networking can be hard work. By networking, I of course mean helping to dig a hundred-foot trench to connect our house to our in-laws' with a cable.

I think I can count that as my exercising for the day.

Oh, plus add in a screaming 8-month old and a "helpful," slightly tired 2-year old. At lunch time.

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